A house for Christmas?

A house for Christmas?


That would be a quite a huge package.

But what about you giving your loved ones the first step towards their dream home? – Now, this is possible – with a voucher!

Have your wife, partner, children or grandchildren been dreaming of a COMMOD HOUSE for a long time? Then it’s exactly the right time to support them on their way there.

With our Christmas Special* you will receive a 20% discount on your individual project consulting package (IPB package) – that helps you on the way to your COMMOD dream home.

And this is how it works:

Give your loved ones a present – just send us an email to COMMOD HOUSE XMAS voucher

Order a voucher for an IPB package worth € 900.00, now for only € 750.00 including VAT!

  • Address of the invoice recipient
  • Name of the recipient
  • Online or print version**
  • Voucher amount *** As soon as we have received your email and the transfer, we will send you the voucher including your individual code. If you book now, your loved ones could already be spending next Christmas in their new home! This is going to be magical!

Are you thinking about a gift for yourself? No problem.

COMMOD HOUSE XMAS IPB package discount
The discount also applies to a direct order of the COMMOD HOUSE XMAS IPB package.

So if you order your IPB package worth € 900.00 now, you’ll pay only € 750.00 including VAT! Simply send us the completed COMMOD HOUSE IPB package order form -20% Christmas 2021.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a healthy and wonderful Christmas season,




Detailed information

* Christmas special: Discount campaign valid until the end of 2021. The voucher for the discount campaign in the amount of € 750.00 can be converted into an IPB package (Individual Project Consulting Package) worth € 900.00 if redeemed by the end of February 2022. Thereafter, the voucher in the amount of the promotional price is valid indefinitely as a deposit for individual consulting services from COMMOD HOUSE GmbH.

** Print voucher: printed voucher by post is only possible when ordering by December 20, 2021.

*** € 750 for a promotional IPB package or your desired amount for a down payment on consulting services.

There is no cash redemption possible.

Good news: The entire amount will be credited back to you or the recipient when buying a COMMOD HOUSE!

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