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We are very pleased about your interest in COMMOD HOUSE, the first house that grows with you. We are happy to provide you with further information!

COMMOD houses are always individually planned and built in transportable modules.

I would like to tell you about the benefits you get when you buy a COMMOD HOUSE.
In contrast to the conventional prefabricated house standard, we supply the COMMOD© Standard:

High-flexibility design for your house that grows with you
High quality with state-of-the-art technology
Lasting value thanks to ecological and energy-efficient design

The COMMOD HOUSE standard offers you:
+ Unique design-craftsmanship
+ Comfortable living atmosphere
+ Healthy indoor environment
And all build with 100% recyclable building materials.

The COMMOD construction consists of a low-energy timber frame construction with cellulose insulation. Your COMMOD HOUSE is 99% manufactured in the factory from complete modules and assembled on the prepared point foundations (e.g. screw foundations) on the building ground in just one day. The COMMOD HOUSE modules are max. 4.5m wide and 14m long and can be combined to different floor plans.

In order to determine your construction project, we can now offer you our individual Project Consultation Package (IPC package) for only €750, – excl. VAT. This amount will then be credited to you when you eventually purchase your COMMOD HOUSE.
We are also happy to take on all tasks from official processing and site preparation to construction coordination and interior planning for your COMMOD dream house. As your client representative with our own production company, we can also offer you our “all-round carefree package”.

Our many years of experience (©2012) as the first in the field of modular construction, as well as our expertise as a planning team consisting of 100% qualified graduate engineers, make us an all-round competent and reliable partner for you on the way to your COMMOD dream house.

If you already have a plot, we would gladly invite you to our office in Graz to discuss your ideas and wishes in person during a non-binding initial consultation! We invite you to contact us during our office hours so we can take the necessary time to start planning your COMMOD dream home. At our initial appointment we will discuss your individual ideas, requirements and wishes. If you would like to communicate via email for the time being, this is of course also possible. We pay special attention and commit valuable time to the needs of our customers and therefore, we ask that you take waiting time into consideration.

In order to be able to respond optimally to your needs, we ask you to prepare for our meeting with the following questions:
What is particularly important to you about your COMMOD HOUSE?
Do you already have a plot for your COMMOD HOUSE and where is it located?
Do you already have plans or a more precise idea for your COMMOD HOUSE?
How much budget have you set aside for your COMMOD HOUSE?
How many people will live in the COMMOD HOUSE, how many rooms/square metre will you need?

Your COMMOD HOUSE is built exclusively with high-quality, 100% ecological products for a healthy and comfortable living environment! Given the current high demand, the waiting time for a COMMOD HOUSE is approximately 6 months until the start of production..

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We look forward to hearing from you, please send your requests to: