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Together with our production partners, we plan each COMMOD HOUSE individually and down to the last detail. High-quality materials are processed into COMMOD HOUSE modular houses in production halls with a total area of around 2,500m².

TEAM: The COMMOD HOUSE TEAM consists of architects, civil engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and more

All COMMOD houses and installations are tailored specifically to our individual plans and are manufactured in our own factory. Trained expertise and skilled workers as well team spirit and respectful cooperation guarantee the highest quality results.

PEOPLE: At COMMOD HOUSE, the emphasis is on people, we focus on continuity and enduring value-creation in development and construction. This is celebrated even after the execution of successful projects! Our corporate culture encourages communal activities and events that help to foster a strong team spirit.

HEART: COMMOD houses embody the lifeblood of everyone involved, which is reflected above all in the detailed and shapely implementation. Each team member is involved in the planning and execution right up to the installation, therefore forging a very special relationship with the finished product.

TRANSPARENCY is very important to us. We offer assurance to our customers by inviting them to our factory and reminding them they are always welcome. Our strength is the people behind the products and therefore we are happy to show what we have built and how we work. We have nothing to hide.

OPEN DOORS: We regularly invite our customers and interested parties to our facility, guiding them through the production process and even invite them to completed projects. Open Door events are well attended and we send out invitations through our regular newsletter.

As a partner company of COMMOD HOUSE® the first house that grows with you certified companies produce ecological and healthy modular houses for COMMOD HOUSE®! Natural building materials and future-oriented technology enable healthy living. The variable modular system adapts to new living situations quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
In the factory, under constant conditions all year round, a top team produces the COMMOD houses according to the plans of a pool of architects and construction engineers under the most precise quality control and to a defined standard.
Weekly planning meetings, at which the construction progress is checked, are a guarantee for compliance with the defined quality standard and constant further development of the product. For completely satisfied customers who want to fulfil their dream of owning their own home ecologically, healthily and in a unique design.



COMMOD HOUSE® Production & Design Team

Working Together:

The process of supporting our clients through the initial stages of first concepts all the way through to the moment where they can finally move into there new home, is an intimate and challenging matter. With this in mind, we attach particular value to a trusting and mutually respectful relationship with our customers. With the right chemistry, the unique experience of completing a new home becomes a friendly, respectful relationship. This process makes for an exciting and wonderful time. We ensure that the chemistry is right in order to maintain mutual trust during the potentially nerve racking stages of the project. We understand the significance of mutual trust, particularly when there is such a large financial investment in building a home. That’s why, if the chemistry isn’t right, we often reject projects. Demand is enormous and at present we are able to complete a maximum of 20 homes per year. “In order to maintain a direct relationship with our clients, we chose to grow and scale our capacities sustainably, rather than giving in to the rapid pace of demand and miss out on the quality of the relationships we foster.



The COMMOD construction offers a comfortable living environment in a healthy indoor climate! Revolutionary system meets top-class design!

The Experience:

When COMMOD HOUSE started in 2011, they were pioneers in the modular home sector. This prominence within the sector proved to be immensely valuable, leading many competitors to vanish into thin air. Planning and building a house is a comprehensive process and this requires a sincere, precise approach along with the expertise of various stakeholders. At COMMOD HOUSE, we take this task very seriously and set ourselves the highest standards. This is the only way we can progress, ensuring that we can be proud and satisfied with our completed projects. After all, our products should be a value-enhancing investment for our clients.


The benefits of natural insulating materials: In order to create a healthy and comfortable living environment, the COMMOD HOUSE low-energy construction employs natural materials such as cellulose and straw or soft wood fibers. The use of renewable raw-materials and recyclable materials helps us to protect the environment.


Surface Finishes: multilayered wood, plasterboard or straw panels. Support structure: Timber frame. Insulation: cellulose insulation and wood fiberboard or mineral wool. Facade: Timber, plaster, panel material or green facade.


Plywood or plasterboard
Substructure (installation level)
Engineered timber panel (vapour barrier)
Supporting Timber frame construction
Blown cellulose insulation
Wood-fibre insulation board (wind seal)
Ventilated Timber façade


Flooring (optionally laminate or natural wood)
Impact noise insulation mat
Engineered timber panel
Vapour barrier
Timber Beam ceiling
Blown cellulose insulation
Moisture-resistant wood-based panel
(mechanical protection / sealing)



We will not let our customers down – even after the warranty has expired!

With our COMMOD HOUSE MEMEBERSHIP, we have a protective eye on your COMMOD HOUSE for years after your purchase regarding maintenance and upkeep to ensure its lasting value.